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Learn about Pane D'Arte

Make us your local bakery of choice in the Bedford area. Learn about our team and be sure to pay us a visit.

Mixed baguettes and loaves

A bakery steeped in history

Established in 1984, Pane D'Arte was set up to bring authentic Italian flavours to the people of Bedford. Run by a dedicated family team, we offer a true taste of our home country, freshly baked every day. 

From traditional loaves to our popular bread, we're sure to have something for everyone. 

Walk-in customer are welcome: we are open Tuesday to Sunday, and have a wide range of amazing breads and products to choose from. We can also offer delivery: this is available to any address within 20 miles of Bedford. 

The bakery's inception traces back to the vision and passion of Amadeo Chirico, who, along with his family, shared an unwavering love for wholesome and authentic flavors. From an early age, Amadeo's heart was set on crafting homemade products, leading him to apprentice at a local bakery in his hometown of Italy. When he later immigrated to England, his dream took shape—to establish his own bakery, rekindling the nostalgic aroma of genuine, homemade bread.

The initial attempt to open a bakery met with adversity as Bedford Council denied the necessary permissions. Undeterred, Amadeo embraced various vocations while pursuing his bakery dream relentlessly. He ventured into an Italian vegetable store and even ventured into a 'fish and chips' shop, all the while engaging with the local community. Finally, the stars aligned, and he acquired a residence where he could bring his bakery vision to life, transforming his backyard into a haven for his family and friends. The Chirico family, spanning generations, came together to nurture this dream.

At the encouragement of his friend, he decided to share his creations with others, becoming one of the five Italian bakeries in the local market. This required a lot of courage, as he had to give up a stable and secure job and his life savings. Amadeo achieved his goal, which also became the goal of subsequent generations: passing on knowledge about healthy eating, fresh bread, and exceptional, multidimensional flavors. Many years after its opening, after years of hard work and countless sacrifices and dedication to the bakery, only Chirico Bakery remained among the five local Italian bakeries.

After the death of their beloved father, his children continued the work, with Alessandra Chirico becoming the main owner. She, along with her sister Maria Chirico, was responsible for the highest quality product sales in local markets, creating beautiful loaves of bread that brought back memories and created new stories.

Encouraged by a friend, Amadeo made the bold decision to share his culinary creations, becoming one of the five Italian bakeries in the local market. This leap of faith required him to relinquish a secure job and his life savings. Amadeo not only achieved his own dreams but also set the stage for future generations, passing down the knowledge of healthy eating, the art of crafting fresh bread, and the creation of exceptional, multi-dimensional flavors. Many years later, amidst years of toil, sacrifices, and unwavering dedication, Chirico Bakery stood as the last remaining of the original five Italian bakeries.




After the passing of their beloved father, Amadeo's children carried the torch, with Alessandra Chirico taking the helm as the primary owner. Alongside her sister Maria Chirico, Alessandra spearheaded the production of the highest quality bakery goods, crafting beautiful loaves of bread that rekindled cherished memories and inspired new tales

As time marched on, Alessandra recognized her inability to continue running the bakery due to her advancing age. She made the heartfelt decision to find a worthy successor to carry forward the tradition of bread-making. That's when the Lach family, who had embarked on their own journey from Poland near the Ukraine border to England, stepped in to take over the bakery. Sadly, the onset of Covid-19 brought unprecedented challenges, as restrictions and economic crises threatened the very existence of the bakery.

In this dire situation, a young couple named Jarek and Ada, moved by the bakery's plight, decided to lend a hand. They believed that dedication and hard work, fueled by a passion for baking, could overcome adversity and breathe new life into this cherished establishment. In homage to the Chirico family legacy, they established Pane D'Arte—a harmonious blend of past traditions, the present, and future aspirations. With unwavering passion and commitment, they continue to uphold the bakery's time-honored techniques.



Jarek and Ada, both graduates, chose to forge their path in the land of British hospitality, captivated by the warmth and friendliness of the local community. Residing near Chirico Bakery, they awakened each morning to the irresistible scent of freshly baked bread—a fragrance that stirred childhood memories. (Jarek's grandmother used to bake bread in a traditional tile oven, and Ada's father once operated his own bakery before becoming a forest ranger in Polish state forests.)

As young parents deeply concerned about their children's well-being and future, Jarek and Ada embarked on a journey to deepen their knowledge of healthy food and Baking, as they firmly believed that meals prepared from a lovingly-tended home would provide their children with the best possible start in a world where readily available food is often of questionable quality and composition.



Over the years, Jarek and Ada amassed valuable experience in various roles. When they learned of the bakery's dire situation and the impending threat of closure—a place they knew intimately, along with the Chirico family, its delectable baked goods, rich history, and cherished traditions—they couldn't bear the thought of losing this treasured heritage. They were resolute in their determination to preserve the enduring memories associated with the enticing aroma and delightful taste of freshly baked bread.

With the unwavering support of the Chirico family, loyal employees, and the local community, Jarek and Ada have taken charge of the bakery's destiny. Every day, they infuse their work with passion, dedication, and a heartwarming commitment to preserving the bakery's legacy, all while embracing a variety of traditional baking techniques.


Today, Chirico Bakery thrives as a testament to the enduring spirit of tradition, hard work, and the indomitable human spirit. It continues to offer top-quality bakery products, brimming with the fresh, youthful energy of its new custodians, to both old and new generations alike."

Learn more about us, and get in touch to place an order. We hope you enjoy our unique flavours!

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A traditional Italian Bakery

Our bakery - Paneficio Chirico Bakery - is the perfect place to see our team prepare every order. Find us at 26-28 Mabel Rd, Bedford.

Mobile bakery van, open stall doors

Have you spotted our mobile bakery?

As well as our shop, we also have a mobile service, which regularly pops up throughout the area.


A regular sight at events

At Pane D'Arte we love sharing our products with the world: see what events we have planned for 2024 and beyond.

"Best traditional Italian pizza and bakery in Bedford. Very competitive pricing and friendly service!"

Kyle Burman

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Pay a visit to a popular local bakery, or place an order by calling 01234 270214

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