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Row of loaves proofing on a tray

Discover what makes our Italian products and bread so authentic

At Pane D'Arte it’s all about the flavour and the history. See what makes our baked goods extra special, and place an order today. We deliver throughout the Bedford area.

Basket of fresh baguettes
Buns rising on a tray

A family run bakery with heart

At Pane D'Arte, we are often asked what makes our traditional breads and Italian products so unique. Whilst we won’t be sharing all our secrets anytime soon, we do like to showcase how we create our range. See what sets our bread, products and other baked goods apart from your supermarket goods, and place an order today!

Bread on shelves in a bakery
Close up of hands stretching bread dough

Authentic family recipes

Our baked goods are made with passion. We use recipes which have been passed down from father to son, and mother to daughter, for generations. This imbues each and every item we sell with an authentic flavour unlike anything else.

Close up of hands kneading bread dough

Quality ingredients

We believe that ingredients matter, and that you can taste the difference quality ingredients make. We have taken the time to source each and every ingredient from trusted suppliers, ensuring a quality end product that will have you coming back for more.

Man's Hands Kneading a Homemade Pizza Dough on a Yellow Background full of Flour

See our bakers in action every time you visit

At Pane D'Arte there’s no hidden factory or secret process: we proudly display our craft to customers who visit our bakery. It is a popular part of our process, and is something that sets us apart. By showing the hard work that goes into every load and baked products, our customers experience a more authentic product.

"Great service, tasty pizza. Real deal."

Nick Dutch

Close up of hands shaping bread dough

If your mouth is watering, be sure to visit us in Bedford or call 01234 270214 to place an order

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