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Called "the Rolls Royce of honey" for its rich health benefits.

Heather honey is rich in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins such as vitamin A, B and iron and minerals that might support body immune system protecting against various diseases, aids digestion with its antibacterial properties and might support bone health.


Taste: sweet, caramelized with bitter and whisky like notes. 

Colour: dark amber to reddish.


Its helpful during autumn and winter months when we need to support our immune system.

To boost your immune system add even a spoon of heather honey everyday to warm water or milk to protect yourself against viruses and bacteria. Can be also added to desserts, yogurts, granola, cakes and tea.

340g 12 oz

Heather honey

  • To keep honey nutritional value do not add it to liquids over 40°C. 

    Store it in a cool, dry place.

    Honey may not be suitable for infants under 1 year.

  • Honey is unfiltered and unpasteurized which means that the honey keeps all its essential antioxidants and nutrients through the process of extraction and packaging.  Furthermore because the process of extraction is really simple, the honey retains all of its enzymes, probiotics, pollens, propolis, and waxes which are highly beneficial for health.

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